News Video Event The Aztext ‘Who Cares If We’re Dope? Vol.2’ The Aztext, Touchphonics 'Who Cares If We’re Dope? Vol.2'
Release Date:  02/22/11
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This release has been featured on major sites like hiphopdx, allhiphop, kevinnotingham, Hiphopkings, and many others. We are excited about this one!

Here is the second installment to The Aztext’s first season of EP’s entitled “Who Cares If We’re Dope? Vol. 2”. This time around we hear production from San Francisco’s head nod King Touchphonics. The project is a perfect example of how splitting a full-length album into individual EP’s, to exploit the different sound textures of each producer, really works to The Aztext’s benefit. AZT really display their ability to branch out into new realms all the while keeping their sound undeniably hip-hop!

When’s the last time you heard something’ cover to cover!?” chants ‘I Make Records’. This is a classic tune that we will have on repeat for years to come. Chopped breaks, 808 hits, and a slow drawl convey undeniable FUNK. Peep the last verse that has Learic and Pro going back and forth creating lines from classic album titles that they feel you can listen to from front to back.

Looking more inward on “Doin What I Want” AZT come with a memorable and well-written track. Learic and Pro express their intentions with this music over a funky break and a chunky live bass line. It’s the type of track that you can really envision a full band backing the two. It’s live, yet introspective.

“Cool Don’t Exist” comes with another very distinct sound within the EP. The beat is minimal by design. A marching drum line with a dirty bass line sets the mood. Lyrically the two discuss the ins and outs of pretty much not giving a %$@# about what’s in or out at any given moment.

“Till The AM”.Taking cue from the likes of tha Alkaholics, Touchphonics scratches ‘We got those house party beats and flows’. Learic’s verse has you imagining stepping into a cramped house party with bras hanging from chandeliers and freestyle ciphers happening all around you. A straight up party track.

‘Tear The Moon Down”, switches up the tempo in a major way with Touchphonics bringing the energy to some breaks. At 142 BPM this cut is more for the club and dance floor than the headphones. How ever, The Aztext still come through with some quality lyricism that is often lacking in tracks of this nature. This one is for the b-boys, ravers, and DJs. Let’s all drift off to balloon town!