AKROBATIK of The Perceptionists – E-Train’s ‘On Solid Ground’ Release Party! Club 6 DarkRoom

A night for the true hip hop heads! Come out and celebrate the release of E-Train’s “On Solid Ground” album. The night will be filled with live hip hop performances and headlined by AKROBATIK of The Perceptionists!!!

Facebook event page:

Line Up:
Celsius 7
Anderson Ray
Mic Danja
D Mottola
Gryl Ab’Strakt
Style Disciples (E-Train & Touchphonics)

Club 6 – The Dark Room
$5 before 10pm
$10 after
21+ with valid ID


02 2012

THE LOYALISTS DJ ROUTINE (E-Train, Touchphonics, Framework) – Live from 06′



Limited $10 Pre-Sales available here:

444 Jessie St
San Francisco CA.

21+ 9pm-2am

(Liondub International | Digital Soundboy | Toronto)

Marcus Visionary has been a full time DJ, producer and promoter for 2 decades. In the early 90′s Marcus was part of the Non Chalant sound system which championed the sounds of Hip Hop, Rnb, Reggae and early house. Since 1992 Marcus Visionary has been a DJ and promoter in the Toronto jungle scene and is responsible for creating early Delirium and Junglist Movement events. He currently is a resident DJ for Theory events, which has afforded him the opportunity of playing with all of the top artists in the business.

His Prophecy radio show is North America’s longest running Jungle Drum and Bass radio program. This year he celebrates 15 years with partner dj Prime. You can catch the Prophecy every Sunday night from 8-10 p.m E.S.T on 89.5 F.M or www.ciut.fm.

In the last decade Marcus Visionary has been featured on many premiere labels including: Digital Soundboy, Liondub International, Play:musik, 31 Records, Revolve:r, Trouble on Vinyl, Horizon Music, X tinction Agenda, Shout, Flex Records, Hustlin Beats, On Point, Nice and Smoothe, and Dance Rock.

Marcus Visionary’s sound is a fusion of dub, reggae, techno, soul, and early jungle with strict attention paid to melody and sub bass. With new music in the pipeline for Benny Page’s High Culture imprint, as well as the imminent launch of his Inner City Dance label with DJ Lush, more releases to come on Lion Dub and the re launch of his ragga jungle labels Dance Rock and Rock Steady very soon. It is now 20 years in and Marcus shows no signs of slowing down for 2012 and beyond.


(Liondub International | Konkrete Jungle | Breakbeat Science | Brooklyn)


(Elevated Press | Shelter | SF)



01 2012

EPR019-Style Disciples ‘Stay With You’ (Hxdb / Mutt Remixes) 12.20.2011 Release

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Elevated Press enlists some heavy hitters to remix this Style Disciples single “Stay With You”Hxdb (Vancouver) and Mutt (Toronto) exercise their own unique brand of soul on this all ready deep Cut.

HxdB aka hexadecibel (Tectonic // Brownswood // Surefire Sound // Formant // Car Crash Set // Palms Out) is a bass music producer, DJ, and promoter.  He has ascended the ranks of Canada’s “must-hear” electronic acts and left an indelible mark on his hometown of Vancouver’s music scene, rapidly gaining the respect of some of the top taste-making DJs around the world. His heavily induced House remix of “Stay With You” is a perfect representation of Hxdb’s genre defying sounds.  It’s cutting edge, soulful, and funky.

Style Disciples – Stay With You (HxdB RMX) : Forthcoming Elevated Press by ΗxdB

Sean Roman aka Mutt is a 27 year old Toronto Drum and Bass producer & DJ (Creative Source // Renegade Recordings // 31 Records // Good Looking //CIA Deep Kut // Horizons Music). His sound is always deep and soulful. His tunes have been rinsed by every big name DJ in the DnB game and beyond. On his version of “Stay With You” we hear an immense, soulful, and chugging vibe.  This definitely will NOT disappoint fans of Mutt’s signature sound!

Style Disciples-Stay With You (Mutt Remix)-CLIP by ElevatedPressRecords




12 2011

Is it possible to “make it”?

Here at Elevated Press, we have the privilege of working with a lot of extremely talented artists. However, the music industry is a vastly different beast to what it was fifty, twenty, even five years ago. The introduction of anything from the internet to social media has had a huge impact on the way we consume, promote and sell music, and for that reason it’s a viable concern that a new artist would be lost in the sea of everyone with a beat making program and an internet connection.

But it is totally possible, simply because of the same tools that make people think it’s not. Being able to upload new tunes to SoundCloud, iTunes, facebook or just a file-sharing website means that getting your music to new people whether they’re fans or Partypoker buddies is now very easy.

Promoting your work is still going to require a lot of effort from you, the artist, but it’s not something you need deem as impossible, as smart use of scheduled tweets (Twuffer) and a good promotional platform with social tools attached to it (Tumblr) will help.

Joining a good label also boosts your reach and the amount of support your music gets, and it means you’re working alongside not only fellow artists, but also people who have considerable experience in making, promoting, selling and finding good music, who can help push your career further than it’s ever gone before.

The best part is that labels like us are on the web because we know that that’s where music is in 2011. Those who aim for “legacy” music publishing – CDs, vinyl, etc – are missing out on huge opportunities available to them via the internet. So if you’re a talented, hard-working musician with an internet connection, you really can make it – it’s just a case of using the right tools, and introducing yourself to the right label. Good luck – we hope to nod our heads to your beat soon.


12 2011

BBR005-The Aztext “Who Cares IF We’re Dope Vol.4″ -10.11.2011 Release

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The final volume of “Who Cares If We’re Dope?” is here. Entirely produced by long time Aztext contributor, Dub Sonata. The EP features legendary Queensbridge MC Craig G (known as one of the members of Marley Marl’s Cold Chillin’ Records group “The Juice Crew”).

5 tunes strong this project is all about concept tracks.  Ranging from themes like where the crew was at when they were first introduced to hip hop culture to doing mock interviews with their critics. It’s refreshing to hear tracks like this in the current climate of hip hop.  The beats are epic boom-bap and Dub Sonata’s creations are where The Aztext sound most at home.  Don’t sleep on AZT’s final installment!

This EP is available everywhere online October 11th 2011. A physical full length LP of all the EP’s combined will also be available by the end of the year.


10 2011

BBR004-D Mottola-”Dungeon Raps”-8.30.2011 Release

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You may not have heard of D Mottola yet but let this EP be a warning.  Dropping his solo debut on Elevated Press Records “Dungeon Raps” speaks very strongly to the fact that D Mottola is an emcee to check for in the coming years. His effortless delivery, smooth voice, and clever lyrics are a perfect match for the beats that Mikos provides. With undeniable Cali cool, Dungeon Raps reps that SF slap to the fullest.

The EP is a solid 6 tracks that leaves you wanting more.  It’s uncut pure independent hip hop at its finest. It is available digitally August 30th worldwide. Physical copies will be available locally in the Bay Area at spots like Amoeba, Rasputin’s, and your favorite skate/tattoo shops.

Some Prewiews of the 6 track EP below:
D Mottola – How I Feel – Available NOW! by ElevatedPressRecords

D Mottola-Dungeon Raps-Available NOW! by ElevatedPressRecords


08 2011

EPR music is available for licensing through Pump Audio

Wanna use our music in a commercial, video game, skate video, or something else cool?????? You can get the rights here:

License this music for commercial use through Pump Audio


08 2011

FREEPR001-FREE TRACK!!! Juicy J-”A Zip & A Double Cup” (Touchphonics Basshead Remix)-320 Bootleg


08 2011

EPR018-Bhuvan and Marius-”Let It Up/Junglist”-7.26.11 Release

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Straight raw dance floor business on this release. Representing Melbourne Australia, Bhuvan brings us some straight jump up business on this single. This is his first release on EPR. Let It Up hits you right in the gut with some simple undeniable funk. For the b-side Bhuvan teams up with Marius (aka #hash$cash) for another dance floor roller. Don’t sleep on this! Available at all good online retailers!


07 2011