News Video Event Logikal ‘Silhouettes & Shadows’ Logikal 'Silhouettes & Shadows'
Release Date:  11/09/10
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We first heard about Logikal from a contest he entered for Bassline Rumble. He ended up being a runner up for the winning but his track submission immediately stood out to us. For his first release through Elevated Press. Logikal comes correct with a 4 song EP entitled ‘Silhouettes & Shadows’.

The EP opens up with ‘Silhouette’, a haunting yet euphoric track that sets the contrast for the project.

Up next we have ‘Play’ which smashes through the speaker and is guaranteed to rinse any floor out.

‘Collapse’ comes with some growly tech infused funk.

‘Birth Defect’ takes the release out with some more face paced, in your face, tech drum and bass.

You can catch Logikal on his weekly radio show entitled ‘Signal Flow Radio’ every Tuesday on dnbnoize.com. The show features a who’s who from the LA underground scene as well as various clubs around California. This is not the last you will hear from Logikal, believe that!

Radio support includes: bassdrive, jungletrain, dnbnoize