News Video Event Style Disciples ‘Stay With You’ (Hxdb / Mutt Remixes) Style Disciples, Hxdb, Mutt 'Stay With You (Remixes)'
Release Date:  12/20/11
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Elevated Press enlists some heavy hitters to remix this Style Disciples single “Stay With You”Hxdb (Vancouver) and Mutt (Toronto) exercise their own unique brand of soul on this all ready deep Cut.

HxdB aka hexadecibel (Tectonic // Brownswood // Surefire Sound // Formant // Car Crash Set // Palms Out) is a bass music producer, DJ, and promoter.  He has ascended the ranks of Canada’s “must-hear” electronic acts and left an indelible mark on his hometown of Vancouver’s music scene, rapidly gaining the respect of some of the top taste-making DJs around the world. His heavily induced House remix of “Stay With You” is a perfect representation of Hxdb’s genre defying sounds.  It’s cutting edge, soulful, and funky.

Sean Roman aka Mutt is a 27 year old Toronto Drum and Bass producer & DJ (Creative Source // Renegade Recordings // 31 Records // Good Looking //CIA Deep Kut // Horizons Music). His sound is always deep and soulful. His tunes have been rinsed by every big name DJ in the DnB game and beyond. On his version of “Stay With You” we hear an immense, soulful, and chugging vibe.  This definitely will NOT disappoint fans of Mutt’s signature sound!