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Release Date:  04/19/10
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Dub Sonata comes through with his first release on Elevated Press called Bluntitled. The tracks roll and meander along in a puff of smoke taking the listener along for the trip as Dub conducts the ride. An April 19th release date leaves these tasty nuggs dropping just in time for your favorite holiday.

The self-titled Bluntitled opens up with a dubbed out manifesto about legalization. Loads of classic reggae samples are mixed with lines from golden age films centering the topic. Drugstore is a jungle influenced cut that frantically moves about, flipping between breaks and samples. Boredom has more of a country-tinged drawl and Familiar flips back to some heavy dub drenched vibes.  idontreallyknowbutsomebodysaid closes out the EP with a dub step influenced sound that moves into some banging house by the end of the track. You may read all this and ask yourself what?!?! And we say yes.  Light it up and enjoy!

What people are saying:

“Clearly inspired by the DJ Cam/DJ Krush/Wax Tailor playbook” City Beat, Long Beach Ca.

“Every now and then a music reviewer gets a CD that they will actually continue to listen to after they’ve finished the write-up.”  Origivation Magazine