News Video Event Robustus ’Thoughts Fly Off / Hope For Romance’ Robustus 'Thoughts Fly Off / Hope For Romance'
Release Date:  12/28/10
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This is the first single from Robustus on Elevated Press. He brings some quality chill-out vibes on this one! Smooth and soulful liquid at it’s finest. He is a name to look forward to in coming years.

‘Thoughts Fly Off’ takes the lead with sounds reminiscent of how Nightmares On Wax would come off as if they made DnB.  A thick pulsating kick, warm sub, lush pads, and some nice horn hits set the mood for this one. Nothing is over done. It just fits right in there.

‘Hopes For Romance’ comes up on the flip. When we first heard this tune we thought early Calibre. Again the tune is not trying to be something that it’s not. It just is. And what it is funky, chill, and deep.  Pour your self a drink, smoke a little something, and enjoy this one!