News Video Event Aphonic, Logical ‘Switchgear / No Disassemble’ Aphonic, Logikal 'Switchgear/No Disassemble'
Release Date:  09/16/10
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This is the 11th release from the Elevated Press camp, and let’s just say they are keeping things moving.

The a-side come with a beautiful trance induced heavy hitter from the California duo Aphonic. With pulsing and moving bass and synth lines Switchgear puts us in a state of climatic euphoria! But just wait for the down tempo ½ time switch up in the middle of the tune, which is guaranteed to cool any dance floor out, and to have people breaking their neck. All in Aphonic fashion these guys prove once again that they ain’t no joke!

Another California representative from Los Angeles, Logikal, comes with his debut on the flip with a drumy tech tear out of a tune.  Gearing up for his up and coming EP on Elevated Press Logikal’s No disassemble chants, moves, and smashes through your speakers. B-side crushing on this!