News Video Event Style Disciples ‘Stay With You / Logical Thinking’ Style Disciples 'Stay With You/Logical Thinking'
Release Date:  08/13/10
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Style Disciples are a new production outfit out of San Francisco representing Elevated Press Records. The crew consists of E-Train and Touchphonics. The two used to produce hip-hop for various independent groups here in the USA. After taking a break from working together for a few years they are back with a vengeance. Pulling inspiration from their hip-hop and turntablism background, while adding E-Train’s vast flavor of soul selections along with Touchphonics’ heavy drum and bass influence, the pair manage to make a great combination of soulful, funky, and moving music. Style Disciples is the sound of two artists reconnecting and creating together as only they know how. You can’t contain these two. TRUST.

Stay With You opens with chopped soul samples over a hip hop beat only to move into some smooth liquid drum and bass. The track effortlessly moves between styles and maintains a great flow through its duration. Soulful and funky this is a great summer time track!

Logical Thinking goes a bit deeper. You can hear the Style Disciples’ turntablism influence with the scratching elements throughout the track. This one again moves between elements very nicely. Definitely not a sleeper!