News Video Event Touchphonics ‘Fresh Kicks’ Touchphonics 'Fresh Kicks'
Release Date:  05/12/10
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This is a new, very diverse EP from Touchphonics released by Elevated Press!

The album opens up with a vocal feature from Joe Mousepad on the self-titled track ‘Fresh Kicks’. Combining a classic hip-hop rhyme scheme over a banging bass laden beat this one is sure to keep your attention! The track is not only meant for the clubs but for your headphones a like. It’s an abstract ode to sneakers, hip-hop, and drum and bass culture. An instrumental version is also included in the release.

‘Dusted’ comes next with darkened fury. Braggadocios samples drop into gritty bass lines, trashy drums, and eerie vibes. Heavy, dark, deep, and in your face, this bleak soundscape is not for the faint of heart.

‘Headhunters’ comes through with a bit more of a tribal drum kind of feel. It sounds like the sound track for a jungle sacrifice! Tight percussion and deep sub bass lead into a well-put together drop in the middle of the tune.  It builds up with a dynamic drum solo making way for a huge release of energy!

Rounding out the EP ‘Ragtime Swing’ is very odd and definitely does not fit in with any sort of drum and bass norm. It’s a bouncy feel good track with a catchy vocal chant and a massive sub bass line. You will either love this one or hate it! We happen to love it! Either way it will make an impression.