News Video Event Touchphonics ‘Head Knot / Up In Arms’ Touchphonics 'Head Knot/Up In Arms'
Release Date:  08/12/09
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You may not have heard of Touchphonics yet, but this San Francisco based producer is a fresh faced artist with some old skool flavour to his tracks that has been working the US crowd into a frenzy with his esoteric beats.

Elevated Press is Touchphonics’ own label, and for his third release he’s wheeled out some seriously stepping drums and hardcore bass with some dirty late ‘90s Full Cycle vibes.

Head Knot’ takes the lead with an entrancing half-time intro and live sounding drums before layers upon layers of weighty bass drop into the mix with crazy percussive samples and intriguing use of edits.

Backing that up is ‘Up In Arms’ another slice of gutter-funk with stepping drums, cheeky vocal snippets and tonnes of bass! There’s no mistaking that this release is as leftfield as it comes, but it’s got plenty to say for itself. Don’t sleep!