News Video Event Jay Qwest ‘Whiskey & Gunpowder’ Jay Qwest 'Whiskey & Gunpowder'
Release Date:  04/24/12
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This is Jay Qwest’s first project to come out on Backbone.

The title, “Whiskey & Gunpowder”, comes from a Native American Chief who was referring to the dismantling of his people by the European expansion. The Chief proposed that, “the two great ‘civilizers’, were whiskey and gunpowder, and from the hour we accepted these we had in reality sold our birthright and all unconsciously consented to our own ruin.”

This conceptual album takes the idea of self-destruction through “Whiskey & Gunpowder” and applies it through several characters. Each character’s story is told in a first person perspective, giving the album a head on feel to the listener.

The entire project is produced by Illastrate and features the likes of Kel, Boog Brown, Methuzulah, Mundy Thurman, and Tommy Lee Soul.