News Video Event E-Train ‘On Solid Ground’ (Various Artists) E-Train, Various Artists 'On Solid Ground'
Release Date:  03.20.12
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E Train fuses the established with the emerging on this project. Featuring Talib Kweli, Wordsworth, Keith Murray, Akrobatik, Rasco, D Mottola, Pep Love, The Aztext, Phil the Agony, Holly Saucy, Celsius 7, and many many more.

E-Train is a producer/DJ from San Francisco. He was one the main producers for the underground hip hop crew The Loyalists through out the mid 2000’s. He is gearing up to drop his first solo project “On Solid Ground” since the group went on hiatus in late 2009. His sound is drenched in soul and always maintains a classic thump that turns the heads of the most jaded hip hop fans to new comers in the game.

Being a working DJ in SF gives E-Train a constant insight into what is hot, however his chops are steeped deep in hip-hop culture. This allows his beats to ride the line between current, yet classic, and always timeless. Whether at beat battles or spinning at your local club, E-Train always has an ear for quality sounds.