News Video Event The Aztext ‘Who Cares If We’re Dope? Vol.1′ The Aztext, E-Train 'Who Cares If We’re Dope? Vol.1'
Release Date:  11/30/10
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The Aztext have been making moves on the independent tip for a while now.  They have now teamed up with long time music affiliates Elevated Press to bring us a series of EP’s entitled ‘Who Cares If We’re Dope’. Each EP will feature beats from a different producer, giving each installment a unique sound of it’s own. For their first volume The Aztext team up with Bay Area soul slinger E-Train.

The EP opens up with an animated discourse on the state of hip-hop and their own perspective on being an emcee in 2010.  ‘Time is Just A Glare’ features counter part Wombaticus Rex who adds a nice dynamic to this classic boom bap track. E-Train provides a fitting cut chorus, sampling Common to solidify the theme.

‘Just Like That’ slams in next to pick the energy up a few notches.  The classic back and forth you hear between Learic and Pro displays the duo’s strength. E-Train’s beat literally tears the place down!

Next we hear ‘Rainy Day’.  Let’s face it, sometimes we ain’t feeling too hot. The constant pressures of the day-to-day hustle while trying to maintain your art and dream can be demanding.  That’s where this song comes in!

Closing out the EP is ‘Waiting’. Pro represents on the solo tip for this one. A double time rhyme scheme over this slow, soulful, and bouncy beat really displays Pro’s skill. The tune again shows the crew’s ability to execute a concept.  Don’t sleep!